The name is Lindsay. I'm a 22 year old disappointment. I have 28 piercings and 11 tattoos. i dont enjoy much of anything anymore.
Help me to forget.
I'm not strong anymore.
Curious? then fucking ask.



September 10th is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day, while the whole month is also used for this.

- Suicide is preventable.
It is said up to 90% of those who take their lives have a diagnosable and treatable mental disorder.
- Around 800,000 to a million people die by suicide every year, making it the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.
- About 40,000 people die by suicide in the US every year
- More people die by suicide than homicide
- Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 15-24
- Some children 10 and under die by suicide
- Suicide can be prevented by public awareness and prevention
- 1 in 25 youth attempt suicide

Stop the stigma:
- People who take their lives are not weak or cowardly
- People who take their lives most likely have an untreated mental disorder
- People who take their lives want to end their excruciating pain and despair rather than die, and certainly don’t want to hurt anyone else over it
- Stigma and shame leads to more suicide attempts, makes the individual feel alone and ashamed, and is discrimination against a mental disorder
- Taking their lives is hardly ever a “choice” as much as it is severe symptoms and emotions from a disorder. Blame the disease, not the victim.

Kindness can save a life and cruelty can end one. You never know who’s been considering it lately. After losing a family member and a best friend to suicide, I can tell you it’s not something to ignore. It’s not something to be ashamed to bring up, and I highly encourage anyone to seek help or talk to someone. You’re not wrong or abnormal, as it is fairly common to have suicidal thoughts with no actions, but it is still to be taken seriously. I also highly encourage others to listen and realize the seriousness of any threat, gesture, etc, regardless. Invest your time. Show them. These people who take their lives are dealing with extreme despair and pain that they contemplate taking their own life over it.
There will always be someone that cares. Multiple people. Even if you don’t realize it.
Suicide will not be a solution to the problem. You haven’t already lost the battle, there is still hope. You have a life left to lead.
Spread this around for everyone.